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Who was your last text from? Nia
Where was your default pic taken? miguale's birthday bash this past summer. oh the memories. i fucking love that kid.
What's your middle name? arlene jasper taylor keegan
Your current relationship status? complicated
Does your crush like you back? yes
What is your current mood? full and tired.
What color shirt are you wearing? my black hurley
What was the last thing you drank? friday night
If you could go back in time and change something, would you? yes!
Have a crazy side? always
Ever had a near death experience? twice
Something you do a lot? snowboard and paint/draw
Angry at anyone? yup
Do you wanna see somebody right now? YESA
When was the last time you cried? yesterday with nia
Who would you do anything for? my mother
Who is your idol? ellen page or camilla belle
What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? nothing
What do you usually order from Starbucks? no
What's your biggest secret? its a secret...a big one.
Where is your last ex? who cares.
Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows? when im super fucking bored.
What are you eating or drinking at the moment? i just had a grilled cheese, drinking sobe life water (the pink one ;)
Do you speak any other languages? french and gibberish
What's your favorite smell? nia's cologne (no SHIT!) and daisies
Describe your life: a crazy complicated adventure
Have you ever kissed in the rain? twice
Do you like the rain? love it
What are you thinking about right now? things
What should you be doing right now? working
What are you listening to? milo being a douche bag to a client over the phone
Where did you spend new years? in bed sleeping
Are you holding anything back from anyone? nope
Do you act differently around the person you like? yes
What is your natural hair color? tawny
Who was the last person to make you laugh? maggie

Happy New Year Baby!

It's still 2007, but I wanted to get it out of my system.

Thank you for being a great year, but I know 2008 will be 15605168481510152189 times better...as it's suppose to be. I will miss you, but the memories I have will get me by forever.

I'll never forget:

My 1 year anniversary with Mike.
The start date of working here at AE.
My first season.
The birth of beautiful Matthew James.
Hanging out with Katie Leigh.
Getting in the habit of working out on a regular basis.
All my new friends...whos lives have made mine that much better...
((Riley, you're the best...and thanks for everything.))
My new car.
My new phone.
Seeing Maggie...*breathtaking*

Uncle Howard. I Love You and I Miss You more than words can say. 
It's been a tough year without you in my life...but you're always around me. 
I'll see you in a while and it'll be bitchin.

And much, MUCH more, but I just can't write them all out.


A Rainy Night Update

 its been forever since i've written.

they've taken away Internet privledges at work...well not really taken them away...just...monitoring which websites we go to.
therefore, i haven't written. so i apologize.

life is great.
mikewl and i went to the mountain friday night and went snowboarding saturday. it was AH-MAY-ZING!!
i love snowboarding. we went for a few hours. we both we really tired after the day was over.
sunday we didnt go...not because we were sore, but because it was PACKED....and PACKED = NOT FUN! 

yesterday work sucked...as per usual. and today did as well. 

i bet tomorrow will too...

and thursday even more because i'm NOT doing thanksgiving this year. last year we did dinner here and dessert at my parents. well this year...i've gotta let mom and dad down which i HATE doing, but i figure i'll make it up by seeing if i can fly down to florida for christmas. they're gunna be upset. my mom feels like mikewl is holding me back from seeing them, but i do see them a lot. mikewl just doesnt like holidays and i figure since he doesnt like christmas and i LOVE it, i'll fly to florida and open presents with mom and dad and he can go snowboarding which i know he loves to do. i feel it's a fair compromise for not letting me do thanksgiving. i hope they'll understand and i think they're gunna be excited about me flying down. because i HATE flying!!!

i think tomorrow night we're heading to the mountain. maybe. i'm trying to talk mikewl into thanksgiving.

i'll let you know how it turned out.

I feel like this needs to be in cursive.
but this is yet another


with a hint of honey
mixed with freshly squeezed
mixed with

so it's like HOT PINK in color

they mix it with:
and mangos


Snowboarding is fasly coming up.
I can't wait until FRIDAY!
That's going to be the best night of this year.

Meeting up with all the old housemates.
And going out to dinner.

And unpacking.

And then waking up Saturday...

To FiNaLLy


I love my life.

Oh and a quick shout to all my newbie friends.
and you're all awesome to me!

((i pwomise))



thank goodness for shia. ♥

sometimes i can't get enough of him. mikewl gets jealous and calls him my husband. i don't mind :) at all.
i can dream. like it would really happen. and if it does....i'll give a thousand dollars to charity.

it's really fucking boring here at work. i haven't gotten a phone call for like 4 hours. vinnie won't let me fucking go home because two people don't need to close the queue and there are FOUR of us fucking sitting here.

i mean i don't MIND getting paid to surf the internet all day, but if i had to choose between sitting here all day or being outside doing things i need to do...i'd TOTALLY pick the later.

FUCK AUTO EUROPE!!! i'm checking craigslist for a new FUCKING job.


it's totally fall.

the view outisde my window at work is one i've seen a thousand times before.
the trees are almost bare. scattered bright orange leaves still on their branches.
some on the ground.

it's totally chilly out.
the air is light and crisp.
it makes breathing magical.
the sun is out and if you sit in it long enough with your eyes closed, it feels like summer again.
i love doing that.
then opening my eyes.

i love maine.

my snowboard should be in the mail soon.
it's a 2008 demo board.
a salomon lark.
my first board was a salomon (maiden) 
i've gone from 147 to 152.
5 centimeters.
it's really a big difference.
i need a new jacket too...and maybe some new pants.

next weekend is the first weekend that the house will be open up there.
i'm SOOO excited to see everyone (especially jess)
i fucking miss you poobles! i've missed you allllll summer. i'm sorry we didnt see each other. 
you were always on my mind though.
i wish there were new people in the house, but it's nice to come back to old friends.
i can't wait to see salty dog too. and of course cliff. he's super. (thanks cliff)

i dream about first chair almost every night.
about setting my board down on the fresh pow pow
clicking into my bindings and hauling ass to the bottom.
just to do it over
and over
and over
and over again!!!!

 i wonder what our first trail will be. our first mountain.
probably barker.
but i'll miss south ridge.
no...i will.

you better be there to ride with me.
you and the boy.
oh man.

Bunny Lebowski?

I instantly think green when I hear her name.
And typically I'm sure YOU would too.

Not in this case....

Think of real bunnies who eat carrots. 

That's the color of today's aaaaaahhhhhmazin smoothie from MAINE SQUEEZE.

A kick ass mixture of carrot-ginger juice, raZzzburries, coconut and BanAnAS. YUMMY!!!! 

My tounge is doing backflips cause this is SoOoOoOo good!



Today is mine and mikewl's 18 month anniversary.

holy carp time flies. but i still love him more than ever! 
he's the bestest friend and the greatest boyfriend a girl could wish for. 
he sent me a sweet text this morning saying happy big 18 and that he was thinking of me and loved me.
it made me smile SUPER BIG!!!

any who. i'm at work. work is work. i gotta be sneaky with this because i'm on the third floor.
the res floor is more chaotic so i can't get away with it as easily. 
no one has noticed so far, and if they did i;m kinda guessing they don't give a shit.
i've been blogging and going online for like four months now.
and so far, no one has talked to me about it.

i think the only way they know is if you download a virus.
the websites i visit are all secure. no myspace. but i do facebook, and check my hotmail account.
and craigslist.
and of course i write here.

work is okay. i guess i've gotta wait it out until january for a raise and maybe a new position. 
or consider a newjob if i find a decent one either online somewhere or on craigslist.
i can't stand it here at times, and since it's slow i just sit around lazy all day.
it makes me feel like i don't accomplish ANYTHING.
and that in itself is pathetic.
to the company. for paying me to sit around and blog.


it's pathetic in all aspects of the word. 
i feel useless and under paid. 


i've been here 10 months, and have only gotten ONE 50 cent pay raise.
i've been STUCK in the UK Department for 8 of them.
they WON'T cross-train me because i'm too "valuable" to joshua.

i'm don'e really. not much else to say. i'm just bored and drawing.
and praying to get out of here before 4.
i've gotta ask. at some point.

more later?


ranting from my desk...

 i sort my skittles by color and eat them two at a time in order. 
if there are odd ones left, i can't eat them so i give them to shardlow or preston.

my socks don't match and if they do i freak out.
thanks katie...for making me crazy.

i color code everything.

if it can't be devided evenly, i can't touch it.
if i take a step and it feels weird, sometimes i have to go back and correct it. 
sometimes i don't.
i just freeze and take a deep breath and keep walking.

i can't go a day without kissing mikewl and telling him i love him.
if not my day is horrible.


i'll leave it at that.


101 Random Facts About Me!

 1. Michael is my best friend!
2. I'm adopted.
4. I love to rock my hot pink chucks!.
5. I live for wife beaters and boxers.
6. I LOVE RED HAIR!! The longer the better!
7. I walk and stand with my feet pointed in.
9. I always sport the hoodies!!
10. I get tired when it's about to rain.
11. I have 7 peircings and 3 tattoos.
12. I have dimples.
13. Hawt Pink and Black are my favorite colors.
14. I love cats. (but dogs are awesome too!)
15. I enjoy painting.
16. I never eat when I'm actually hungry.
17. I have an obsession with girls.
18. I've been in-love twice and got my heart broken once.
19. I learned to skateboard when I was 10.
22. I'm stubborn as all hell...
23. I giggle a lot.
24. I love sleeping in!
25. I never untie my shoes...
26. I adore Hello Kitty and Chococat!
27. I have tons of journals...thanks to this s.t.m.l.
28. I'm afraid of dark water.
29. I'm afraid of the dark...period.
30. And spiders....
31. I love San Pelagrino!
32. And stuffed animals!
33. I have my own horse. He's a pure bred Chincoteague.
34. I'm a neat freak but my room is a mess!
35. I love bags!
36. Paul Frank is my effin' God!
37. I love cherries.
38. And chowder of any kind!
39. I'm a HUGE kleptomaniac!
40. I'm obsessed with my computer! (and myspace)
41. I can't go without my black eyeliner.
42. I love snuggling with Fawkes (my kitten)
43. I rarely trust anyone with my heart.
44. I LOVE my Bam hoodie!!!
45. Raspberry iced tea rocks!!
46. I love to watch movies on rainy days.
47. I LOVE my car...a lot.
48. I love Scooby-Doo!
49. Kevin Smith is the most brilliant man alive today!
50. I love Nessie (The Lockness Monster)
51. I was a mermaid in a past life.
52. I love Reiki. Try It!
53. I love long hot showers...while drinking lemonade.
54. I used to be a hardkore "cutter". But I stopped ♥
55. I love watching poker with mikewl.
56. I love burritos!
57. And markers!
58. And coloring books!
59. I have a lot of stolen clothes from Abercombie.
60. I LOVE SUSHI!!!!
61. All types of guys and girls are hawt!!
62. Lobster is the best seafood ever.
63. My hands and feet are tiny and cute.
64. I think my eyes are amazing.
65. I am an AWESOME kisser!!
66. I love stuffies bags from Cara!
67. I'm beautiful...deal.
68. Orange juice kicks ass!
69. You know it!
70. I'm a hopeless romantic...*sap*sap* ♥
71. I write like a boy.
72. I shop when I'm depressed. It's a stress reliever.
73. I absolutly LOVE MY JOB!
74. And nautical stars.
75. And coffee...(Breaking New Grounds/CoffeeByDesign)
76. Pizza on sunday mornings!
77. I'm photogenic...it runs in the family!
78. I love taking pictures.
79. Marilyn Manson is amazing.
80. I love spending time with my parents.
81. I love driving with no destination...Ipswitch anyone?
82. Cinnamon Rasin bread kicks ass!
83. So do Asiago bagels with Hazelnut cream cheese!!!
84. Hello Kitty is my idol.
85. But VANESSA is my goddess...
86. I'm Wiccan...so what?
87. Swings rock!
88. I once had hawt pink dreads and I might do it again.
89. I can't pronounce "milk"...it comes out "melk"
90. I love a comfy pair of jeans!
91. I have 2 scrapbooks which are the essence of my life.
92. Cell phone and Champagne parties!
93. I love being cuddly ;)
94. I'm a crazy ass girl...I do random spontaneous shit.
95. I will tell you the honest blunt truth if you ask me to...
96. I'm not a snob no matter what you think.
97. I'm a closet O.C.D. punk.
98. Shaun White, Andy Hurley and Rupert Grint are my favorite red-heads!
99. Someday I will walk through the doors of Hogwarts...and be home.
101. If you don't know enuff about me now...just IM me ( PunkGirlSkates7 [aol])

Yet another Mmmmmaine Squeeze UPDATE!!

Unleash the monster within you and try a 


This INTENSE combination of spinach, kale, parsley, double bananas, pinapples and a carrot-beet juice is NOT for the faint at heart...or tastebud to that matter. 
You need to be adventurous to the EXTREME and not afraid of a smoothie with a KiCk!!!!

Buzzy has now started calling me by my real name and exnayed the "Dead Snowboarder" mask. I told him I was all about trying this because not only did it sound good, it sounded good for me as well.
It was. It is!

Full of antioxidants and good for your heart, this concoction isn't GREEN like it's name sounds
but a beautiful BRIGHT RED from the beets and carrots.

And have a cookie while you're at it. Buzzy like to offer you one to balance out the good stuff and the bad.

You DON'T know what you're missing!!!!!

And again...if you don't like it...Buzzy will make you something you do.